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This month we were blown away again by the power of a strong network. In continuing to push hard into the cab market, we were looking for an introduction into Verifone's Taxi Division, along with their hailing app Curb. Verifone has digital screens in 20,000 cabs and its payment system is used in over 120,000 in the US. Within two days, we had an introduction to the Chief Revenue Officer of Verifone through our investor Mike M. and to the VP of Global Marketing through Greg R.. Two phone calls later and we're very well positioned for our largest overall opportunity to date. Simply amazing! This month we are dividing our time between growing our sales pipeline, pushing our trials closer to launch and fundraising. However... August is August. People are on holiday, soaking up the sun (can't blame them!). So they're hard to nail down. Therefore, its a great time to focus on product and our engineering team is cranking away, making great progress on upcoming Android release and official iOS launch. Meanwhile, we are building funding relationships and seeding some incredible opportunities for September.


Traction continues to crank along:

(1) National Express + Virgin Media budget approved for $22,500

(2) LStonegate trial proposal in 10 pubs for $12,500 well-received with 650 pub opportunity

(3) Making great head way with Virgin Media mobile product lead


Continuing to iterate on our product and manufacturing process:

(1) Fund raising during August is pretty much worthless

(2) Final UL certification still a work in progress - expecting results by August 8

(3) Prepare for full-scale manufacturing run