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We spent the past two weeks pretty buried in Demo Day preparation and we were thrilled not only with our presentation, but with the cohort as a whole. All the companies far exceeded expectations and the work the teams put in was clearly reflected. We will share the Demo Day presentation when the video is cut together. Now its back to business as usual! Our big task is to keep up the incredible pace we've been running at over the past few months during Techstars. Thankfully, our investment round is coming together well and we're now 50% committed. Given the strength of our sales pipeline and product road map, we're confident there will be NO summer slowdown for our team!


Sales piepline and fundraising committments continue to grow:

(1) 50% of our round is now committed!

(2) Demo day was a success and we're really proud of our presentation

(3) Completed Android prototype


Jumping over the Apple MFi Certifications:

(1) Adding CE certification for Transport for London approval

(2) Final UL certification still a work in progress - working closely with our factory to finalize certification requirements

(3) Fund raising continues to take up attention & time