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We are just 8 days away from Demo Day and things have been absolutely insane. Juggling trying to close deals & finish our product, along with the added work load of preparing and practicing our pitch for Demo Day has left us gasping for air, but we are MORE EXCITED THAN EVER. The late night oil has definitely been burning! As we've started our fundraising process, we have received incredible feedback and support from friends and mentors. We are incredibly HUMBLED and THANKFUL by both past and new investors who have COMMITTED TO OUR ROUND, which will allow us to live a dream of building a successful (and massive) company. Thank you all for taking part and there is GREAT THINGS TO COME!


Sales piepline and fundraising committments continue to grow:

(1) Additional $100k commitment towards our round!

(2) Drover (Cab fleet) approved test in 5 of 250 cabs

(3) IHG Proposal sent ($10k trial with ability to scale into 700k+ rooms)


(1) Need to close on complete proposals from Karhoo, GetTaxi, IHG, ETM Group, et al.

(2) Final UL certification still a work in progress - got through another layer of certification testing

(3) Continue to spend time organizing material for fund raising and diligence