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During our first week at Techstars, Ryan (MD of Virgin Media Techstars) gave our cohort a small piece of wisdom that if we do the little things and "Play like a Champion" each day, those small advances can add up to big wins (Duncan loved this as a Notre Dame alum - Go Irish). We've tried to put that advice into action and I think its starting to pay off. This weekend we actually got the chance to be champions and a had a true "bucket list" moment. We won a 10-team international football (soccer?) tournament. The Techstars team went 6-1 and got some sweet jerseys #domorefaster.


Our sales pipeline is building nicely in the UK:

(1) Diageo agreed to pilot and will pay us £4,000 (a paying customer!?!)

(2) Le Salon agreed to an ad campaign at £10-15 per customer (Negotiating final details next week)

(3) Good intro meetings with Caffe Nero, Heathrow airport and positive momentum with the Virgin Media WiFi Buddy team

Bonus: We've learned the difference between biscuits and cookies.


Continuing to iterate on our product and manufacturing process after completing our latest trial run:

(1) Refining our PCBA housing for mass production - approx. 2 week lead time

(2) Improving quality control and manufacturing process - actively designing a more controlled system with another trial run before mass production coming in the next few weeks

(3) App Store submission still under review - need to get it live in the store