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Increase mobile app adoption and retention by connecting with customers at relevant moments

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For Businesses

Learn how Rally can increase customer loyalty, satisfaction, foot traffic and dwell time. Customers value free charging as much as free WiFi, leading to increased spend!


For Advertisers

Rally is a unique low effort and high impact way to drive mobile app installs and conversions. We promote your app in relevant locations leading to improved conversion rates!


For Operators

Provide your customers with an outstanding new service and revenue opportunity. In addition, our services lead to increased dwell team and foot traffic!


How Customers Rally

  • Chargers Provided in Location

    Customers charge for free using a Rally in exchange for downloading your mobile app and are immediately rewarded for their engagement. Our charging systems can be installed in under 5 minutes!

  • Customers Prompted to Download Your App After Plugging In

    Users are automatically prompted to download your mobile app after plugging into a Rally Charger. We promote your mobile app or loyalty program, leading to longer term customer relationships. If you don't have a mobile app, we'll promote one of our partners and pay you for being a Rally Point!

  • Customers Launch Your App to Begin Charging

    After downloading, users launch your app to begin charging, bringing them directly into your mobile experience. Integrating Rally is seamless and a unique way to acquire high lifetime value customers!

  • Customer Data and Analytics Collected on Your Dashboard

    Our enterprise management and tracking system collects your customer data and drives increased sales by allowing you to better understand and market directly to your loyal customers. Rally can lead to increased foot traffic and higher frequency of visits!

  • Happy Customers!



Plug and Play Setup

Turnkey solution with set up time in under 5 minutes.

Rapid Charge

Rally charges as fast as a wall outlet with speeds of up to 2.1A.

Drive App Downloads

Rally is the only charging service that directly drive app downloads for your mobile products.

Enterprise Reporting

Detailed reporting and analytics dashboard helps you learn more about your customers in real-time.

Analytics Dashboard

Browser Image

Learn More About Your Customers

Collect email addresses, age, gender and much more to help you quickly segment and retain your highest value customers.

Discover the ways you can learn about your customers


White Label

Battery pack and charging station can be custom branded and users are directly prompted to download your app. Rally provides customers with a high-value service while increasing loyalty program enrollments.


Revenue Share

Rally promotes our core iOS app and customers watch a brief video advertisement before charging begins. Rally shares part of all advertising revenue with your business and only promotes relevant content.



We target ths right customers for your mobile app or brand by placing our chargers in relevant locations. Customers receive free charging in exchange for watching a short video ad or downloading your mobile app.



Take advantage of a new revenue opportunity by placing rally chargers at your venues. Our products increase dwell time leading to increased sales across your entire amusement and gaming portfolio.




We make Rally chargers available at every table in our restaurant. Our customers consistently comment on how they love recharging while they dine.

Alex E., Venice Ale House


I was searching for unique ways to drive app downloads and Rally was a great solution given we were specifically looking for travlers.

Christina L., App Developer


Rally was a cost efficent channel to consistently acquire relevant users that proved to have a high-LTV. They're really an extension of our team.

Jon N., Growth Marketing


We are focused on providing superior customer experience to our partner locations and Rally was another way to differentitate our service offering.

Rachel B., Operator


Our Team


Cory Azzalino


Passionate entreprenuer focusing on building a world-class team and product that helps clients deliver excellent mobile experiences to thier customers. Prior to founding Rally, Cory built a six-figure private equity consulting practice and spent over four years with Prudential Capital, where he invested over $1 billion.


Duncan Swezey

Head of Partnerships & Sales

Mr. Swezey is a founder of Rally and is focused on providing a high-level of services to our many customers, from single locations to multi-national enterprises, along with forging relationships with our advertising partners. His focus is on putting clients in a position to succeed with a relentless and positive attitude.


Ted Ullrich

Lead Engineer

Pepin Gelardi

Head of Design

With education spanning the globe including Industrial Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milan, Italy, and Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University, NYC, Pepin leads product design strategy at Tomorrow Lab, articulating user insights, defining product benefits, exploring appropriate technologies and inventing new features and interfaces. In his spare time, Pepin works with Nuit Blanche New York to create night-time site-specific art installations.

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Providing unique customer experiences to drive mobile app downloads and advertising engagements.

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