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Mobile apps are the best way to keep connected to customers, but the biggest problem for businesses is how do you actually get your customers to discover and download your app? Rally solves this problem by reaching and rewarding customers for their engagement when they are in relevant locations, leading to incredible activation rates.

Why choose us

Rally helps your target customers discover your mobile app while they are already in your location. Our charging cables create a physical connection to your digital products.

Call to action

Rally cables will automatically prompt your users to engage with your app and reward them for an incredible experience.

  • Apple and Android supported

    Supporting 95% of all devices in the world

  • Any USB port in the world

    From cabs to ride-shares, trains, pubs, restaurants and hotels, we can work anywhere in the world

  • Target and reach your perfect customers

    Rally captures attention when your ideal users are in relevant locations

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Our investors

Rally is supported by world-class investors making us a partner you can count on for the long-term

The team

We're an extension of your marketing team, working hard to connect and reward your customers.

Mr. Swezey is a founder of Rally and is focused on providing a high-level of services to our many customers, from single locations to multi-national enterprises, along with forging relationships with our advertising partners. His focus is on putting clients in a position to succeed with a relentless and positive attitude.

Duncan Swezey

Head of Sales & Co-Founder

Passionate entreprenuer focusing on building a world-class team and product that helps clients deliver excellent mobile experiences to thier customers. Prior to founding Rally, Cory built a six-figure private equity consulting practice and spent over four years with Prudential Capital, where he invested over $1 billion.

Cory Azzalino

CEO & Co-Founder

As the founder of Tomorrow Lab, Ted regularly speaks on the role of design studios as invention centers and the application of science and design to small entrepreneurial ventures to create new technology products that solve big problems. Ted holds a Masters of Industrial Design from Georgia Tech, a Bachelors of Inventive Design Engineering from Purdue University.

Ted Ullrich

Lead Hardware Engineer

Lukasz is a project Manager & Ruby on Rails developer with 10 years professional experience in Software Web Development using Agile development techniques. Lukasz is also the Founder of POSBistro, a company building POS systems for SMB coffee shops and restaurants.

Lukasz Mlynek

Project Manager

Marek is seasoned CTO and developer responsible for architecting, developing and maintaining Rally's iOS apps.

Marek Lipert

Lead iOS Engineer

A senior program/project manager who has the proven expertise to lead U.S.-based engineering combined with the multicultural expertise to drive down manufacturing costs by then transferring production offshore, to CM providers.

Max Tseng

Production Manager

From Blog

We believe in transparency. On our blog we share our challenges, ideas and successess.

Play Like A Champion
Cory Azzalino | 20 May 2016
Small advances can add up to big wins. We're putting this advice into action.
Power of Networks
Cory Azzalino | 05 Aug 2016
Having a strong network can open doors incredibly fast. We're proud to be apart of the Techstars networks and its already unlocking opportunities.

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